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Founded in 2013, Shenzhen Haosheng Electronics Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-end electronic enterprise focusing on the r&d, production, sales and service of cloud media resource integration, LED advertising screens for buses, taxis and online ride-hailing cars.

Since its inception in the field of transportation, Haosheng Electronics has been adhering to the spirit of "keep improving, create brilliant", constantly improve themselves, the pursuit of quality! To economy, security, energy saving, focus, efficient stand in the market, and constantly set up the industry brand image. Enterprises in line with: the delivery of products is the real beginning of our service spirit, and constantly cultivate talent, talent planning, talent development; People - oriented, adhere to innovation, multi - win-win.

Hao Sheng electronic products are used in Shanghai Public Transport Group, Kunming Public Transport Group, Chengdu Public Transport Group, Mianyang Public transport Group, Dalian Public transport Group, Shijiazhuang Public transport Group, Baoji Taxi Company, Chengdu Taxi Company, Yueyang taxi Company, Xinjiang Kuitun Taxi Company, Wuhan Daily and other major projects. At the same time, Hausheng Electronics and large advertising media cooperation to establish an international yunshu media resources platform, constantly transport media resources and high-end brand advertising resources for customers.

During development to product safety as a fundamental, and constantly improve and enhance the applicability of the products and focus on sex, based on visual art creative advertising media, with focus on accumulation point, convenient and quick, timely and effective for the product development core, to provide creative development, technical support, application management, and other comprehensive services, is committed to be China's transportation advertising media equipment, first-class enterprise.

At present, the company continues to develop and grow, we continue to improve our team, continue to pursue higher quality and requirements, for the global vehicle display system service navigation, committed to become the industry benchmarking enterprise efforts!


Company landline: 0755-23101466

Official website: www.8848led.com

Company address: Room 301, Building B, Zhuoke Science Park, No. 190, Chongqing Road, Heping Community, Fuhai Street, Bao 'an District, Shenzhen